Digestive Issues/ IBS-C - Foods to Avoid

Last February I took a food sensitivity blood test. The test revealed a hold bunch of “red” and “yellow” flag foods I should avoid. After almost a year of stressing over this food list (not to mention my friends and family having to deal with it), and going on two vacations where I eat things on said list but in minimal amounts, I’ve learned a few things.

  1. Stress ruins your stomach

    • Whenever I’m on vacation my stomach is fine, the second I’m back home, the tension returns

    • Frequently when I deal with my mother, my stomach bothers me

    • When I’m stressed, I eat

  2. Overeating has a bigger impact than many foods on either “red” or “yellow” lists

    • Whenever I go to bed satisfied or hungry, the next morning my stomach feels amazing

    • Whenever I binge eat, not only do I feel disgusting, but food takes much longer to digest

  3. Certain foods cause way more bloating than others

    • Nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes)

    • Gluten

    • Dairy

  4. Certain foods slow down digestion, while others don’t have an impact

    • Slow: Carbs, sugars

    • No noticeable impact: Veggies (other than nightshades), protein

  5. I recently discovered that I have a hernia in my stomach and for all I know the strain of my digestive issues could be the culprit.